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Wilderdog 10-Foot Cord Leash

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People who train with me know I love my ten-foot biothane or leather leashes when we’re first getting started with a dog. The long line gives the dog breathing room and relaxes the human-dog interaction but biothane might not always be the right choice especially in wet conditions or with very strong dogs. That’s why I’ve rapidly become a fan of Wilderdog’s cord leashes. 

Wilderdog was founded by a group of friends who love the great outdoors and taking their rescue dogs along. Often finding themselves wanting for durable gear for their dogs, they used retired climbing rope as leashes, which is how their original leash idea was born. Their leashes include big and small carabiner rope leashes, easy-clip leashes, slip-on rope leashes, ultra-light and waterproof leashes. Wilderdog also makes harnesses, backpacks, jackets, and other sturdy outdoor gear for people and dogs. 

My favorite rope leash is the Big Carabiner Rope Leash, available in 5- and 10-foot length and with reflective option. It comes in 16 beautiful color patterns including my personal favorites Sierra, Maple, Cascade, Wildcat, and Camo. The leash is sturdy, lightweight, doesn’t get soggy, provides a good grip, comes at a length I like, and I highly recommend it!

My Malinois Nejra graciously modelling our Wilderdog cord leash ☺ 
(black and white, non-reflective variety shown)

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