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free booklet
Free Booklet

The Way of Life Puppy Primer Priorities for Sound & Solid Puppy Foundations

You just brought home the puppy you've waited a long time for and you're eager to do right by your new friend. The steps outlined in our Puppy Primer will help you do just that.
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Digital Download

Way of Life Dog Training Recommended Books

Are you an avid reader interested in deepening your knowledge of dog behavior, canine behavior issues, and human-dog relationships? Download this list of our favorite books.
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five reasons
Free Booklet

Five Reasons Dogs Are Reactive That We Don’t Talk About Enough (+Way of Life Solutions)

Reactivity has become a buzzword in the modern conversation around dogs and their behavioral issues. Discover five reasons for reactivity we're not talking about enough and their solutions.
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Way of Life Dog Training Recommended Tools & Toys

Find out about our favorite tools, toys, and products for puppies and dogs. Our recommendations were made in collaboration with local and independent pet businesses.
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lets fix this
Free Booklet

Let’s Fix This: Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now To Address Just About Any Behavioral Issue

In this guide, you will find ten actionable steps based on the Way of Life Method that you can take right now to address behavioral issues including anxiety, reactivity, fear, and resource-guarding.