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Ruff and Tumble® Bath Robes

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Even though we’re all looking forward to spring, there’s no doubt that this season brings its own challenges, including the mud that dogs can get into and drag inside with them. In come the fantastic Ruff and Tumble® dog drying coats. These elegant bathrobes are made of high-quality, super-absorbent, breathable, and double-thickness soft cotton. They’re easy to get on and off the dog, and my guys don’t seem to mind wearing them. They’re a great way of helping dogs dry after a bath, a swim, a romp in the snow, or a roll in some fresh spring mud. 

The unique design features a long Velcro adjustable hood for drying neck and ears, an extra wide belly flap to cover the underside, and stylish trims with sturdy webbing tape to prevent fraying. The coats come in different colors and a wide range of sizes from XXXS to XL as well as sizes for specific breeds such as German Shepherds and Corgis. Ruff and Tumble® also carry drying mitts and dog bed covers. They truly seem to be “the ultimate solution for managing wet dogs.”