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Himalayan Salt/Yak Chews

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We all know how much dogs like to chew and how physically and mentally satisfying it is. Providing dogs with chewing opportunities helps ease all sorts of behavioral issues and keeps them occupied when we’re a little busy or in need of some respite.

There are also different kinds of things that dogs can chew on, from filled up Kongs to bully sticks and dental chews. Yak chews, or Himalayan salt chews, are one of my favorites for my crew. They’re called Yak chews because they’re made by boiling yak and cow milk and drying the milk until it hardens. It’s an entirely natural product that’s considered more digestible than bones or antlers, and rich in protein with decent amounts of omega-3 and calcium.

For those of you with tough chewers, this hard chew is long-lasting and quite challenging for dogs. Dogs must work at softening the hardened milk before they’re able to bite off and chew little pieces.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  1. These chews can go bad if not consumed within a reasonable amount of time. I tend to keep my bulk orders in the fridge.
  2. Salt contributes to water retention so don’t be surprised if your dogs drink a lot while chewing or after. Just make sure you let them out for pee breaks accordingly.
  3. The dogs will work down the chew to a size that could constitute a choking hazard. Don’t throw it away; simply microwave it for a minute or two and let it cool. The bit will puff into a brittle, safe and easy to consume treat.

To make your own Yak chews, check out this recipe: