Product, People, and Services Recommendations
Skout’s Honor Pet Supply Co.

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I’m often asked by clients how frequently I bathe my dogs. My answer is “as needed and when seasons change.” For all things cleaning, I’ve become a big fan of Skout’s Honor.

According to their website, their goal is to “create products that greatly improve the experience of living with and loving our pets.” Their products do not include any sulfates, parabens, colors/dyes, petrolatum, or any such harmful agents. They are never tested on animals, contain no fillers, and are plant-derived, eco-friendly, and biorenewable.

Grooming items include a line of probiotic shampoos and conditioners, products for dry and itchy skin, shedding, hot spots, yeast, dandruff, and odor. With spring and fall being the worst seasons for ticks, I have their line of natural flea and tick products on my shopping list. I’ve also found their pet sanitizing and stain/odor removal solutions exceptionally effective. 

Last but certainly not least, Skout’s Honor is also in the business of doing good, having donated over ten million meals for rescue animals in need.