Pro Tips: How to Safely Feed a Food-Possessive or Aggressive Dog in 7 Steps

With this month’s issue dedicated to food, our pro tip is about a handling technique for feeding dogs that show possession, or even full-on aggression, around their meal. 

  1. To apply this feeding technique, your dog must be used to their crate and willing to go into it.
  2. Begin with the dog separated from and unable to access the area where the crate is.
  3. Prepare your dog’s food, making sure the dog is aware that you are preparing their food.
  4. Take the food to the crate and place the food bowl at the far end of the crate from the entrance.
  5. Return to where the dog is and bring them to their crate, aiming them towards the entrance of the crate.
  6. Stop a few feet away from the crate, make sure the dog is aware that their food is there, and release them.
  7. Once the dog has entered the crate and begun eating with their back to you, proceed quietly to the crate and lock it.

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