Pro Tips: Exercises Using the Long Line: The Hand Lure Exercise

In the last two issues, we shared pro tips on using long lines when handling dogs as a way of gradually teaching loose-leash walking, heeling, and eventually working off leash. The first installment in this series discussed the benefits of using a long line and the second one described the treat toss exercise

In this third segment, I describe the hand lure exercise, which aims to teach your dog to follow you by following the open palm of your hand. 

Call your dog to your side and show them you have a treat in the palm of your hand. Keeping your hand at the dog’s eye level, walk away, luring your dog with the treat in your hand. When your dog follows your hand, treat your dog and start again, going in the opposite direction. Progress to doing this exercise while running, taking sudden turns, placing your hand high and low, luring your dog into spins, turns, and figure-8s, progressing to working on a dragged line and eventually no line at all.

Have fun!