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Crumps’ Naturals

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Given the emphasis on food drive and food rewards in establishing healthy relationship foundations, clients sometimes ask if I recommend a particular brand of treats. I’ll often suggest Crumps’ Naturals, a family business born and based here in Ontario. The team at Crumps’ pride themselves on producing dog and cat treats that are minimally processed, use limited farm-fresh ingredients, and without additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. For training treats, my favorites are the one-ingredient chicken or beef semi-moist Trainers. For dogs with delicate guts, the dried chicken bits work well and come in mini sizes for smaller dogs. For a particularly satisfying treat, try the crunchy Chic or Salmon Snaps. For a healthy dental chew, check out the Plaque Busters made from crushed oyster shells and available in several flavors.

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