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Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear


The very first martingale collar I bought was the Ruffwear Chain Reaction and ever since, I’ve been a fan of this outdoorsy and environmentally conscious company. Since its inception, Ruffwear has been dedicated to supporting dogs in various outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, and trail running. They offer a range of performance gear for dogs, including collars and harnesses, leashes and lifejackets, backpacks and booties, toys and bowls, as well as clothing, hats, and bags for the human end of the leash. Personally, I’m a fan of their dog backpacks, harnesses, and the martingale. Worth noting are Ruffwear’s support of working dogs such as guide and avalanche dogs and their Ruff Adventure Dog (RAD) program, which connects high-energy shelter dogs with active and sporty adopters. 
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