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Brandon Rohrer, Financial Advisor

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Living with dogs is fulfilling in ways that we wouldn’t trade for much else in this world. At the same time, providing for our companions can be an expensive proposition. In between the initial costs of getting a dog, the basic charges of vetting and proper nutrition, and expenses associated with stimulating and socializing our dogs, we’re looking at a small fortune. For many of us who enjoy hobbies or sports, add the cost of equipment, classes, transport, and trialing. As our dogs age, their medical care costs can increase and as we age, we might have to make provisions for their care in our wills.

In the spirit of doing things better in the new year, I can’t recommend Brandon Rohrer, financial advisor, enough. Brandon says he “was chosen” for this profession and few things excite him as much as helping people get a handle on their assets. Having grown up around a family-run boarding kennel in southwestern ON, Brandon gets the joy of living with dogs but also the responsibilities. He knows that providing for our dogs in the best way requires that we understand and manage our finances.

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