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Barn Hunt with Patti Brooks

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For Pup Sake Dog Training

Our Barn Hunt journey began with Patti Brooks, owner and operator of For Pup Sake Dog Training. Barn Hunt is a newer dog sport where dogs find rats placed in secure containers in straw structures and alert their presence to handlers. Dogs must climb on straw bales or tunnels underneath to locate the live rats.

One of the things I found impressive about the rules of the sport is the emphasis placed by the Barn Hunt Association (BHA) on the proper handling of the rats and on what dogs are allowed or not allowed to do once they locate the rats. For example, they can place a paw on the container but aren’t allowed to roll the container around.

The more independent and critter-obsessed your dog is, the better a fit they will be for Barn Hunt but any breed can enjoy this sport. The hides and straw structures can also be designed with the dog’s age and physical ability in mind. I work with many dogs who are craving such an outlet, as there are few canine activities that are this close to what dogs did for a long time. For these reasons and more, I can’t recommend Barn Hunt enough, especially with Patti’s experienced and resourceful approach.

Pictured: Bob and I barn hunting at For Pup Sake Dog Training

Photo Credit: Patti Brooks