Introduction to
The Way Of Life™ Method Self-Study Online Course

A Self-Study Online Course on How to Understand and Resolve Canine Behavioral Issues with the Way of Life™ Method
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The Power of Way of Life: Explore the Way of Life™ Method to gain deep insights into canine behavioral issues, their manifestations and root causes, and learn effective resolution strategies.

Three Relationship Stages: Uncover the Foundations, Exposure, and Integration stages and understand the changes in your way of life and relationship with your dog across these stages.

Four Elements of Success: Dive into the Way of Life™ Method’s core components, including relationship and mindset, managing space and boundaries, socialization, and canine drive development.

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Course Contents

Module 1 – Introduction
Lesson 1 – Welcome to Way of Life Dog Training
Lesson 2 – Understanding Behavioral Issues
Lesson 3 – Conventional Approaches to Behavioral Issues
Lesson 4 – Logic of the Way of Life™ Method
Lesson 5 – Essential Equipment/Tools Needed
Module 2 – Pillars of the Way of Life Method
Lesson 1 – Progressing in Stages
Lesson 2 – Mission, Mindset, Relationship
Lesson 3 – Space & Boundaries
Lesson 4 – Socialization
Lesson 5 – Drive Development
Module 3 – Way of Life at Stage 1/Foundations
Lesson 1 – Mission, Mindset, Relationship + Reflection Questions
Lesson 2 – Space & Boundaries: Create a Safe Environment + Exercises
Lesson 3 – Socialization: Cultivate Gradual Exposure + Exercises
Lesson 4 – Drive Development: Unleash Your Dog’s Potential + Exercises
Lesson 5 – Wrap-up
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A New & Empowering Perspective on Canine Behavior
Unveil a revolutionary approach to understanding and addressing a range of canine behavior issues, including anxiety, reactivity, and resource guarding.
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An Alternative Approach to Problem Solving Behavior Issues
Discover the attitudes and mindsets, space management practices, socialization techniques, and drive development exercises necessary to begin resolving behavioral issues.
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Learn At Your Own Pace and Schedule
Access the flexibility of learning at your own pace and schedule. Dive into the philosophy and practice of the Way of Life™ Method from the privacy and comfort of your home or office.
FEE: $195
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This course empowers you to heal and “reset” your relationship with your existing dog or start a new relationship on healthy foundations.

This starter course will cover common behavioral issues, including reactivity, anxiety, and resource guarding, and much more. It will highlight the limitations of current understandings and proposed solutions to these behavioral issues.

The online course will introduce the logic and basic tenets of the Way of Life™ Method as an alternative way of thinking about and dealing with these behavioral issues in a manner that resonates deeply with dogs.

The emphasis on both theory and practice will empower you to reset your relationship with your existing dog and begin the process of resolving any behavioral issues you could be dealing with.

The course will also guide you in beginning a new relationship with a new puppy, dog, or rescue on the healthy foundations needed to avoid behavioral issues from emerging in the first place.

Regardless of where you are with your dog, Way of Life™ Dog Training is dedicated to supporting your transformation.

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I’ve been a volunteer dog walker and foster parent for almost twenty years, so feel pretty confident in my knowledge of dogs. Yet, I still learn something new about dogs and dog handling in every conversation with Souha. With her advice, guidance, and encouragement, I’m moving from merely managing the behavioural issues of my rescue dog, to building a more confident, stable and happy (and less reactive) dog and, more importantly, a stronger bond of love and trust between us.
– Wendy S., Toronto, ON
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