A Time for Peace

December 15, 2023

Dear friend,

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for some time, hello again. And if you’ve recently joined us since the launch of The Way of Life Method, welcome to the monthly Way of Life newsletter! Every issue is packed with updates, tips, inspiration, and recommendations.

Since its launch on October 19, The Way of Life Method has enjoyed bestseller status on Amazon several times. This makes me very happy but, ultimately, it isn’t why I do what I do.

Rather, understanding dogs, healing our bonds with them (and with ourselves), and changing the entire conversation about how we relate to dogs and live with them is why I do it. I tell my students and clients that rearing their dogs is playing a long game and I am here to play this long and worthy game along with them. 

There’s been a whirlwind of one fabulous event after another since the book launch. This month, this included the table sale and signing at Ren’s Pets in Scarborough and our exhibit at the Toronto Christmas Pet Expo. I greatly enjoyed talking to people about my book, selling and signing a few copies, and connecting with friends, clients, and teachers who came to show their support. 

I also held a seminar in Cobourg hosted by All Creatures Great and Small. More than 15 people and 10 dogs attended the event, presenting a range of breeds, handling styles, and concerns about their dogs. All of them arrived a little apprehensive and nervous, and I think it’s fair to say that most left feeling hopeful and empowered. Ultimately, this is what I want for all of us: a sense that we have power over the quality of our life and relationships.

Of course, I am continuing my one-on-one work with clients. I deeply enjoy being able to witness dogs and humans changing before my eyes – relinquishing fears, gaining strength, and expressing joy. I have started working with a new set of clients who are just getting their ducks in a row for Stage 1 (Foundations) while continuing to coach clients who have months, and even years, of experience with the method. These dog lovers are taking their relationships to the next level and experimenting with new challenges and freedoms at Stage 2 (Exposure).

Here’s what you will find in this issue …

 In Book Updates, you’ll see which retailers are carrying The Way of Life Method in both print and audio.

 In Events, you’ll find out about our events for January: the quarterly interactive webinar and an in-person seminar in Cobourg.

 In Reflecting on Our Bond, I invite you to spend some time this holiday season actively imagining the relationship that you want with your dogs.

 In Pro Tip, I encourage you to take advantage of the holidays to declutter your home and create an indoor space dedicated to training and playing with your dogs.

 InAsk Way of Life, I answer a client’s question about managing their anxious shepherd and being able to have people visit their home.

 In Seasonal Suggestion, you’ll learn about Sniffspot, an app that allows dog owners to rent private outdoor and indoor spaces by the hour.

I continue to be immensely grateful to everyone who helped turn the dream of a book into a reality: my team at BookLaunchers, my marketing and graphic design team, my web team, the audiobook team, and the scores of friends, fans, clients, and supporters just like you who raise us up so that more dog lovers can get the help they’ve been waiting for.

This holiday, I wish for peace in our hearts, in our homes, and in our world. Regardless of what you celebrate or how, may it be a wonderful season. I also hope that you will consider The Way of Life Method a worthy gift for the dog lovers in your life. 

Can’t wait to see you again in 2024!


~ Souha & Dogs

PS: Have you had the chance to post your review of The Way of Life Method yet? Click on my author page for direct access to the retailers carrying my book. 

PPS: Want to find out more about our game-changing method? Join us either in person or virtually from the comfort of your home or office. Check out the events listed below, grab your spots ASAP, and enjoy the holiday knowing you’re all set. 

PPPS: Are you a student of the Way f Life Method? If yes, join the private Way of Life Method Working Group on Facebook. It’s a forum for members to share Way of Life Method updates, ask questions, and seek support from a growing community of people raising sound, strong, and spirited dogs.

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