Pro Tips: Declutter this Holiday Season to Set Up an Indoor Training Space

One of my favorite things to do as a coach and trainer is encourage my clients to create an indoor space dedicated to training, playing with, and hanging out with their dogs. Many of my students already have a space like that, and those without one are quickly sold on the value that a reserved indoor training space provides. Even if you don’t have a lot of space available, you can still block off an area, room, or hallway and dedicate that space for your dog. If you need to tidy up for holiday guests anyway, you have a perfect excuse to get this done now!

Benefits of a Dedicated Space

There are many advantages to having an indoor space dedicated to your dog, including:

  • Being able to tire out your dog indoors when the weather is bad
  • Using that space for indoor solo time
  • Having a training space away from distractions
  • Training in a space free from anxiety and reactivity triggers
  • Providing a safe and private space away from visitors, houseguests, or workers
  • Giving the dog permission to get excited in a specific indoor space 

Furnishing Your Space

Furnish your indoor training space with your dog’s toys and various equipment, including:

  • Traction-friendly flooring
  • Crate
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Grooming table
  • Grooming equipment
  • Food and water bowls

Get inspired by the pictures shown. They are some of the fabulous indoor spaces my clients have set up. This holiday season, take the time to clear the clutter from your spare bedroom, basement, or attic. If you need to rent storage space, do it. After all, your dog needs the space more than your stuff! 

Not only will it feel great to donate, recycle, or responsibly discard things you don’t need, it will also feel truly awesome for you and your dog to enjoy an intimate and dedicated indoor space where you can play, train, and simply hang out together, during the holidays and beyond.